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M. Bryan Freeman

Habersham Funding, LLC, President & Managing Member


An insurance and settlement industry veteran, M. Bryan Freeman is internationally recognized for his tireless efforts in developing the secondary market for life insurance. He has been a licensed life insurance agent for more than 30 years and has been engaged in the life settlement industry since 1989 when the option came into the mainstream, giving him more experience than virtually anyone involved in the industry. He established Habersham Funding, LLC, in 2001.


In 2009 Bryan was honored by the Life Settlement Review as one of the 10 most influential people in the settlement industry internationally. He served an unprecedented four terms as President of the board of the Life Insurance Settlement Association (the industry's premier trade organization).


Bryan began his career as an insurance agent (giving him a comprehensive understanding of the principles involved in advanced financial solutions), and previously founded and sold a national settlement brokerage firm. He and his staff have been actively involved in the development of responsible regulation and legislation of the secondary market for life insurance since its inception.


His activism helped federal employees and veterans gain the right to transact settlements and cleared the way for tax-free treatment for some settlements. Bryan has testified before a financial services committee of the U.S. Congress on industry-related issues, state legislative committees and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and the National Conference of Insurance Regulators on numerous occasions. His expertise in the settlement industry is recognized internationally; he frequently speaks about and writes on related topics.


In 2006 Bryan was recognized with resolutions from both houses of the Georgia Legislature for his settlement industry leadership. He has been involved in the purchase and sale of life insurance policies with a total face value exceeding $2 Billion.