About Us
About Us

Life insurance settlements came into the mainstream 20 years ago and Habersham Funding’s founder, M. Bryan Freeman, entered the settlement business the same year, making him a pioneer in the secondary market for life insurance.


Freeman’s seasoned team at Habersham has the experience and know-how to transact even the most complex settlement transactions. In fact, our expertise in the settlement industry is recognized internationally, and we frequently speak about and write on related topics. Habersham and its principals also have been actively involved in the development of responsible regulation and legislation of the settlement industry since our inception.


Most importantly, we help you and your family and advisors understand your settlement options. You see, at the end of the day, we remember that our position as a market leader is built one settlement at a time.


Habersham Funding, LLC, can buy life insurance policies in all states and most US territories (including Washington, DC) with the exception of Alaska, Florida, Idaho, Vermont and West Virginia.


Habersham Funding, LLC is a member of , the Life Insurance Settlement Association.