Life Insurance Settlements / When to Settle
When to Settle

Anyone facing serious illness may want to consider a viatical settlement. Or, if you no longer want or need a policy or can no longer afford it, regardless of your health circumstances, a life insurance settlement may be the option for you.


Settlement scenarios may include:

  • The insured is facing a serious illness.
  • The insured's health changes.
  • The estate or tax law changes.
  • There are changing personal circumstances, such as divorce or retirement.
  • There are changing business circumstances, such as the sale or purchase of a business, bankruptcy, or a decreased need for a key-person policy.
  • Selling a policy that is in danger of lapsing. The value of lapsed policies is enormous. Incredibly, 88% of all universal life policies lapse before paying a claim according to the March 4, 2005 Bernstein Report.
  • Swapping an outdated policy with skyrocketing premiums for a newer model - a less expensive policy that's more affordable and a better value. • A policy is simply not performing as expected.
  • A policy is simply not performing as expected.
  • A replacement policy is warranted, especially one that in which you would normally use a 1035 exchange to fund the new coverage.
  • The insured or owner could benefit from a different type of life coverage or having different, more appropriate owners.
  • Wealth accumulation makes the policy unnecessary or wealth accumulation necessitates a new or different policy.


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