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Who is Habersham?

Habersham Funding has one of the most knowledgeable teams in the industry. Our key strengths include deep experience in both life insurance itself and in life insurance settlements. This in-depth working knowledge comes with longevity. Some of our principals have been transacting settlements for 20 years – since the inception of the industry – and have that much or more experience in the ever-changing life insurance field itself. Thus, we have the ability to execute even the most challenging settlement transactions, all the while simplifying the process for you.


We also pride ourselves on the fact that all Habersham team members adhere to an above-and-beyond philosophy of regulatory compliance. Habersham has welcomed industry regulation and is one of the most licensed providers in the industry. In keeping, we are committed to openness and integrity. This commitment to do the right thing comes from the top down; read more about Habersham’s founder, M. Bryan Freeman.