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Why Habersham?

Habersham Funding has an extensive history in the settlement industry; after all, we’ve been here since the beginning. We’ve helped our clients and their advisors address a broad array of policy settlement scenarios. Sometimes that means calling on our long-standing industry relationships, or simply bringing to bear our unprecedented financial and insurance industry experience. We also place great emphasis on regulatory compliance, which gives you the assurance of the protections and professionalism you deserve.


You have the assurance that Habersham Funding is the settlement provider of choice for life insurance agents, brokers, attorneys and financial advisors; they trust us to assist the policyholders who trust them. That’s an endorsement of which we are proud.


Perhaps most important: We not only bring the perspective of extensive experience, we also take the stance that this is a helping profession. You see, our founder’s first settlement – 20+ years ago – was for a friend who was seriously ill. That transaction provided funds to a cherished friend at a difficult time. We keep that formative experience in mind as we meet each new client and help them address their unique potential settlement solutions.


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